Masthead Design & Creative has been crafting awe-inspiring and meaningfully engaging experiences since 2011.

About MASTHEAD Design & Creative

Matt Tesche hanging in mid-air from the Sky Tower, 192m above the streets of Auckland, New Zealand.

Founded in 2011, MASTHEAD Design & Creative is a hidden gem. Drawing on 40-plus years of multi-award-winning creative experience, and diverse skills honed across many channels and industry sectors, Matt Tesch brings to life innovative, comprehensive design in the most awe-inspiringly resonant and meaningfully-engaging way – he’s a true artisan with a big heart.

When MASTHEAD D&C was launched – crystallising a brand that hitherto had been 30-odd years of being known only by the quality work and project outcomes delivered for clients – it was apt to utilise an image of Matt hanging in mid-air from the Sky Tower, 192m above the streets of Auckland.

Eleven adrenaline-filled seconds (53 storeys!) of bungee-base-jump later, he landed on his feet, upright on the red-and-white target platform – and so the launch tagline of “For creative that always hits the spot” was born.

More than a decade later, in 2023, MASTHEAD’s signature tag was abbreviated to simply “WOW!” This originated from a broad base, and increasing number, of client and colleague reactions along the lines of “Wow – we hadn’t thought of THAT!” Be it brainstorming or briefing, sooner (rather than later) we appear to have a knack of ‘twisting the cube’ to find innovative ways of adding value to design and creative solutions.

About Matt

An electronic micro chip representing the central links from the brain

Matt’s LinkedIN profile showcases some of the 15 or 16 published books – from the mid-1990s to the early 2020s – in which he has played lynchpin design, illustration, editorial, writing and production management roles. (Books are a Passion, in case it isn’t obvious!) Five titles have been global sell-outs and are very hard to find today, evinced by this typical review

The round-up of roles, across a four-decade career in visual communications, is broad and deep (and something of a recruiter’s ‘worst nightmare’!): small business owner, branding/marketing/design consultant, art-/creative-director, print production co-ordinator, editor & technical editor, finished artist, designer/conceptualiser, consulting editor and designer, communications co-ordinator, freelancer, illustrator, graphic designer; website design and development and content management; formerly also in-house studio manager, classified advertising production supervisor …

"Others can't see until you give them eyes"

~ John McSwade

For general enquiries or to request a complimentary introductory consultation to discuss your branding, publication or other digital and print design needs, please “say ‘G’Day”, and we’ll be in touch with you on the same or the next business day.  Contact Matt today.


Many terms have been scrabbled with to try to describe MASTHEAD Matt but “Amiable” and “Raffish” (we decided to take the “engagingly nonconformist” sub-definition as a compliment) are two which have repeatedly surfaced in a professional context (and which will pass Google’s filters in a PG-rated setting).

Left brain, right brain. We’re able to think big, crack big conceptual brand expressions across all mediums, but also have a pixel-perfect eye for detail. Design obsessed. From beautiful layouts to turning complex learning into simple designs – we love to communicate-by-design. Collaborating – always! Working collaboratively within a cross-functional team environment with stakeholders, motion graphics artists, strategists and others in the actualisation process. A visual thinker. Someone who is able to present ideas in a clear and focused way. A brand guardian. We feel strongly that brand integrity always comes first. We love to enable people to use brand design in a way that’s tailored to their needs but consistent to the brand.

Masthead Design & Creative

Say “G’Day” to us now

Thank you: if you’ve made it this far down our opening page, we trust you’ve enjoyed the read (plus maybe a chuckle or two!) and developed a sense for what makes ‘MASTHEAD Design & Creative’ one of a kind – and potentially a good fit for your business’s design, creative and visual communication marketing needs. Click to email or pick up the phone and let’s see what we might achieve together!

Working with us

Every client, every project is unique, and we have the benefit of drawing on a diverse range of different skills, amassed over 40 years’ experience, to thread the needle with a bespoke solution that maximises bang for your buck and exceed expectations. Here’s what to expect from an initial consultation meeting – and it’s always great if a potential client arrives armed with some preliminary responses to the bullet points below (online briefing form coming soon!) –

  • Outline of what client wants / needs
  • Obtain info on client’s operational context
  • Outline upstream / downstream / lateral factors to be considered
  • Reference any current / previous materials (source files)
  • Query competitor assets / behaviour
  • Identify any target models / desired styles
  • Assess timeframe / priority
  • Obtain budget expectations

From these points, MASTHEAD Design & Creative can develop a tailored proposal – usually with phased and costed options – for further review and agreement.

Our Vision

We conceive, discover and identify potential creative opportunities
passionately explore, develop, refine and deliver compelling, immersive visual communications
deliver successful, win-win commercial and personal outcomes.

Our Mission

We exercise and apply expertise gained and honed over more than 40 years, selecting from a smorgasbord of talents, skills, insights and experience to add value at every step of the creative process and deliver standout solutions with a ‘WOW! factor’ exceeding customer expectations.

Our clients trust and believe in us

Here's what
our clients are saying...

Matt Tesch
Visual Communication Specialist
Brisbane, Australia

Discover a limitless world of creativity through visual communication. Join us now and unlock the full potential of your imagination.

Specialties: Print production, publishing, books, theses, advertising, marketing, graphic design, illustration, editing, functions & events management, proofreading, modelmaking, project management, merchandise, displays & exhibits.

More details are coming soon to our new website!

For general enquiries, or to request a complimentary introductory consultation to discuss your branding, publication or other digital and print design needs, please “say ‘G’Day” and we’ll be in touch with you on the same or next business day.

Matt Tesch
Visual Communication Specialist
Brisbane, Australia

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